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Vision Vision

Phenotyping science to address

  • Early identification of traits determining yield and yield potential, biotic and abiotic stress, crop quality
  • High accuracy of early trait prediction from sensor data
  • Ascertain phenotype from interactions between genotype and environment
  • Predict performance of genotypes under different environmental conditions using quantitative models


  • Robustness
  • Coping with complexity
  • Greater precision
  • Scientific progress


  • New sensor technologies and methodologies R&D
  • Advanced data analysis and management


Short overview

Non-destructive sensor methods and high throughput technologies are being used and optimised in the lab and field to objectively record plant and soil characteristics over time and space in different locations and environments.  The resulting large data sets are handled and interpreted using state-of-the-art mathematical methods and models.

Integration of sensor results will help further elucidate complex, multi-causal characteristics, such as those linked with plant architecture and stress (e.g. yield, quality, resistance, tolerance).


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