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Main objective

  • Successful implementation of novel techniques and solutions for accelerated plant breeding methods (for food, feed, fiber and fuel) under rapidly changing production conditions (climate, resource availability) and increased accuracy in crop management to conserve resources.

Research objectives

  • Collecting traits and properties in individual plants under high throughput conditions (high throughput screening) and for mechanistic analysis (Deep phenotyping);
  • New and further development and application of sensors at optimal spatial and temporal resolution;
  • Advancement of the evaluation of complex data sets from non-destructive measurements of individual plants and plant populations;
  • Combination of data and results from high-throughput genetic, metabolic and proteomic methodologies in order to understand the emerging complex, multi-causal properties (e.g. yield, quality, resistance, tolerance) and as a basis for significant acceleration of breeding successfully adapted crops;
  • Application of sensory techniques for high-resolution temporal and spatial control of plant stocks, taking into account site conditions and soil variability with the aim of increasing yields, assurance, quality improvement and providing sustainable land management under reduced resource use.

Structural objectives

  • Formation of a virtual center for pioneering research in the field of non-contact sensor technology in Germany by bringing together a critical mass of expertise that is nationally and internationally competitive;
  • Providing further research focus for the agricultural faculty of Bonn University with the inclusion of expertise from the Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformatics and the specific locational advantages provided by intensive cooperation with Jülich Research Centre;
  • Forming and furthering close cooperation with partners from the business sector active in the field of plant protection and precision horticulture (including Robotics).
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