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Seminar Series "The Root Zone - Adressing the hidden Half" Seminar Series, "The Root Zone - Adressing the hidden Half" 2012-2013

Highlighting some of the latest results and scientific ideas in this area. The seminar series is a focal course in the study line of the Theodor-Brinkman Graduate School.




Friday 30.11.2012

11.00 s.t.

Prof. Kristian Kersting and Prof. Christian Bauckhage

(both Fraunhofer IAIS and University Bonn)

"Die algorithmische Schönheit der Pflanze"


Friday 11.01.2013

12.00 s.t.

Dr. Andreas Pohlmeier (Forschungszentrum Jülich, ICG-4)

"Magnetic Resonance Imaging Methods for Monitoring Root System Growth and Water Solute Uptake in Soils

Thursday 28.02.2013

12.00 s.t.

Prof. Nicolaus von Wirén (IPK Gatersleben)

"Nutrients and Root Development"



12.00 s.t.

Prof. Thomas Schmüling (FU Berlin)

"Plant Growth Regulation by Cytokinin below and above Ground"

Thursday, 14.03.2013

12.00 s.t.

Prof. Jonathan Lynch (Pennsylvania State University)

"Roots of the second green revolution"

Thursday, 28.03.2013

12.00 s.t.

Dr. Simon Hammersley (University of Manchester) and Dr. Anne-Katrin Mahlein (University Bonn)

"Detection and differentiation of plant diseases using hyperspectral imaging techniques"

Monday 08.04.2013

12.00 s.t.

 Prof. Graeme Hammer (The University of Queensland)

"Crop ecophysiology and modelling to aid molecular breeding for complex adaptive traits"



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