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Rodionov A., Angst G., Amelung W., Pätzold S., Welp G.: "Gamma-ray spectrometry and electromagnetic induction as complementary tools to map soil properties wit a high spatial resolution". 3rd Global Workshop on Proximal Soil Sensing, Potsdam, 26-29 May 2013

Rodionov A., Welp G, Damerow L., Berg T., Amelung W., Pätzold S.: "Towards an on-the-go assessment of soil organic carbon using VIS-NIR diffuse reflectance spectrocopy using a tractor driven chamber". 3rd Golabl Workshop on Proximal Soil Sensing, Potsdam, 26-29 May 2013


Ballvora A., Sannemann W., Rascher U., Pinto F., Hoffmeister D., Herker M., Schumann H., Post J., Schurr U., Goldbach H., Léon J. (2012): “CROP.SENSe – accurate phenotyping to widen up the bottleneck from genomics to precision plant breeding and production using barley as a model organism”. Presentation at the “11th International Barley Genetics Symposium 2012”. Hangzhou, China, April 2012.

Bergsträsser, S., Schmittgen, S., Fiorani, F., Jansen, M., Pinto, F., Rascher, U., Scharr, H., Schurr, U.: Neue Methode bei der Messung von Reflektion und Transmission zur Identifikation von Blattkrankheiten. Presentation at: 18. Workshop Computer Bildanalyse in der Landwirtschaft, Osnabrück 09.05.2012.

Erdle, K.; Mistele, B.; Schmidhalter, U. (2012): Spectral detection of phenotypic differences in biomass and nitrogen partitioning during grain filling of wheat. Presentation at: International Workshop and DGP Conference, Bonn 05. - 08.09.2012

Rischbeck, P.:High-throughput phenotyping of drought tolerance in spring barley. Posterpresentation at: Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance II. Wien, 22.-25.02.2012.

Rischbeck, P.: Phänotypisierung von Trockenstresstoleranz bei Sommergerste. Presentation at: Weihenstephaner Phenodays. Freising, 08.02.2012.

Schurr U. (2012): Overcoming the phenotyping bottleneck for complex traits, Plant 2030 Status Seminar, Potsdam, Germany.


Bergsträsser, S., Pinto, F., Müller-Linow, M., Schickling, A., Selig, C., Rascher, U.: Measuring sun-induced fluorescence to quantify photosynthesis and stress of crops from the leaf to the canopy. Poster presentation at: HyspIRI Workshop, Washington D.C., 23.-25.08.2011.

Dimaki, D., Nagel, K.A., Jansen, M., Fiorani, F., Schurr, U.: Automated Non-invasive Phenotyping Research in Cereals at the Jülich Plant Phenotyping Centre (JPPC). Poster presentation at: EWAC-EUCARPIA Cereals Section Conference, Novi Sad, Serbia: 07.-11.11.2011.

Jansen, M., Braun, S., Dreissen, G., Fischbach, A., Heinz, K., Putz, A., Fiorani, F.: Automated phenotyping for functional genomics and global change research. Poster presentation at: 2nd International Plant Phenotyping Symposium Jülich, 05.-07.09.2011.

Léon J. (2011): – Phenotyping Science for Plant Breeding and Crop Management, 2nd International Plant Phenomics Workshop, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany.

Post J. (2011): - Agrocluster for phenotyping Science, GABI Status Seminar, Potsdam, Germany.

Post J. (2011): – Phenotyping Science for Plant Breeding and Management, Phenodays, Wageningen, Netherlands.

Schurr U. (2011): Plant phenotyping – overcoming the bottleneck using novel instruments and integrating concepts, The Plant Genomics European Meeting (Plant GEM) meets global challenges, Istanbul, Turkey.

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